Rock-Ola Harley Davidson Music Center

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson MC

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson MC
Made exclusively by Rock-Ola for the Harley-Davidson brand. Based on the design of the iconic “Bubbler” cabinet, the Harley-Davidson Music Center features additional screen-printed glass panels and custom arch panels that illuminate the door. Carved wood shoulders and molded Eagle crown complete the Harley-Davidson theme. The cutting edge of Jukebox technology, the latest Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center “Series IV” features:

•New “professional grade” Peavey 1600 Watt Amplifier powers up to two volume zones! •State-of-the-Art Amplifiers on ALL Rock-Ola floor model jukeboxes produces almost NO HEAT, eliminating the need for cabinet cooling fans.
How it works…
Insert your CD’s into the system’s DVD drive. A broadband internet connection immediately locates & downloads title lists & cover art only. The CD’s are automatically uploaded to the music system hard drive via the DVD drive. The touchscreen allows manual input of information not otherwise available

Additional features include:
•Large 19″ Color LCD Touchscreen Monitor Display
•Dual Graphic Equalizers
•Built-in Jukebox Diagnostic Utilities
•SyberSonic Control System with Intel ® Atom CPU Processor.
•I/R Remote Control
•Ability to connect external speakers & microphones

Part No. BP-HDL-17100
Dimensions:155 H x 85 W x 58 D cm
Weight: 168 kg.

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Warning to All Customers.

There is a company that is currently miss representing the Rock-Ola Brand here in Australia. Escape Electronics is the exclusive Rock-Ola importer & distributor of all Rock-Ola Jukeboxes here in Australia. Any jukeboxes purchased outside of Escape Electronics or from any overseas sources will have their warranty voided. This only applies to new jukeboxes.