Rock-Ola Harley Davidson Bubbler

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson Bubbler Cd

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson Bubbler Cd

Rock-Ola Harley Davidson Bubbler Cd
The Rock-Ola American Legend jukebox, licensed by the Harley-Davidson Company, is popular world wide. The American Eagle sets the theme for this iconic Nostalgic jukebox featuring illuminated custom-screened glass panels, arch lighting and pilasters. Intricate, expertly finished woodwork and molded accents at shoulder and crown distinguish the Harley-Davidson Nostalgic from the “rest of the pack”. Incredible sound quality with dual stereo amplifier and 5-speaker, dual 3-way system for “Live” performance reproduction.

Additional features include:
•100 CD Capacity Magazine
•Dual Graphic Equalizers
•1,600 Watts RMS Power
•Phillips Compact Disc Player
•Self-Adjusting Laser
•I/R Remote Control
•Ipod Dock (Optional)

Part No. J-70143-A
Dimensions:155 H x 85 W x 68 D cm

Weight: 129 kg.

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Warning to All Customers

There is a company that is currently miss representing the Rock-Ola Brand here in Australia. Escape Electronics is the exclusive Rock-Ola importer & distributor of all Rock-Ola Jukeboxes here in Australia. Any jukeboxes purchased outside of Escape Electronics or from any overseas sources will have their warranty voided. This only applies to new jukeboxes.