Rock-Ola Gazelle Bubbler

Rock-Ola Gazelle Bubbler
Rock-Ola Gazelle Bubbler
This is a recreation of a collector’s dream. The rarest of jukebox wonders was the elegant wartime machine, of which only a few hundred were made. The Gazelle features art deco fawns playing the Pipes of Pan above and two leaping gazelles etched in mirrored glass panels below. The Gazelles are brilliantly illuminated with ever changing colors. With all the craftsmanship of a classic, the front door is finished in satinwood and burled elm. The top crown, shoulders, pilaster supports and even the base are carved out of walnut and alder hardwoods. This “top of the line” jukebox and includes all the classic features : (6) Bubble Tubes w/rotating colors in the dual side columns create an incredible “polarization of light” The rare beauty of the Rock Ola Gazelle is equaled only by the quality of its sound.

Additional features include:
•100 CD Capacity Magazine
•Dual Graphic Equalizers
•450 Watts RMS Power Amplifier
•Phillips Compact Disc Player
•Self-Adjusting Laser
•I/R Remote Control
•Optional iPod / iPad Integration Kit Now Available !

Part No. CD4C-GZ
Dimensions:155 H x 85 W x 68 D cm

Weight: 157 kg.

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Warning to All Customers.

There is a company that is currently miss representing the Rock-Ola Brand here in Australia. Escape Electronics is the exclusive Rock-Ola importer & distributor of all Rock-Ola Jukeboxes here in Australia. Any jukeboxes purchased outside of Escape Electronics or from any overseas sources will have their warranty voided. This only applies to new jukeboxes.