Rock-Ola Black Bubbler CD8

Rock-Ola Bubbler Black CD8
Rock-Ola Bubbler Black CD8
The most popular jukebox of all time has been recreated in the “SyberSonic Bubbler Series”. Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of all (8) Bubbler Tubes, while a kaleidoscope of color flows through the wild translucent columns and arch, and its 100 CD Changer flips the discs right in front of you! Rock-Ola has made this classic jukebox using some of the most sophisticated technology available today. With quality in mind, only the finest hardwoods are used, with the cabinet is made of walnut, satinwood, alder, poplar and oak hardwoods painted in black. All metal pieces are genuine die cast metal, triple plated with copper, nickel and polished chrome. The base is finished in bright stainless steel. Motor driven color cylinders. The rare beauty of the Rock Ola Bubbler is equaled only by the quality of its sound.

Additional features include:
•100 CD Capacity Magazine
•Dual Graphic Equalizers
•450 Watts RMS Power Amplifier
•Phillips Compact Disc Player
•Self-Adjusting Laser
•I/R Remote Control
•Optional iPod / iPad Integration Kit Now Available !

Part No. J-70326-B
Dimensions:155 H x 85 W x 68 D cm

Weight: 157 kg.

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Warning to All Customers.

There is a company that is currently miss representing the Rock-Ola Brand here in Australia. Escape Electronics is the exclusive Rock-Ola importer & distributor of  all Rock-Ola Jukeboxes here in Australia. Any jukeboxes purchased outside of Escape Electronics or from any overseas sources will have their warranty voided. This only applies to new jukeboxes.