NSM Icon 2 Digital Jukebox

NSM Icon 2 Jukebox
NSM Icon 2 Jukebox Digital
The Stalwart of the range, Icon 2 goes from strength to strength. Its versatility and simpicity of use has made Icon2 the connoisseur’s jukebox of choice in Australia. Icon2 offers an advertising platform which is designed for promoting local and national brands in a cost-effective way. The inclusion of YOUTUBE on the Icon2 has proved to be a popular feature for customers and operators alike.

Amplifier Specifications
RMS Power Ouyput
• At 8 Ohms 2 Channels x 220 watts = 440 watts rms
• At 4 Ohms 4 Channels x 300 watts = 600 watts rms
Peak Power Output
• At 8 Ohms: 2 Channels x 1750 watts = 3500 Watts Per Amplifier
• At 4 Ohms: 2 Channels x 220 watts = 4800 watts per amplifier

Hard Drive – 500GB Can store up to 30,000 tracks.
Infa Red Remote Control – Standard on all models.
News/Data Belt – No, Not available on this Model.
Onboard Advertising – Yes stardard on this model.
You Tube – Yes Opional on this model
Remote Access – Standard on all models
Dimensions:800 H x 491 W x 200 D mm
Weight: 34 Kg
Powered By: Buzz Digital Music.Buzz Digital Media