Digital Xtreme Arcade Bar Top

Digital Xtreme Arcade Bar Top

Digital Xtreme Arcade Bar Top

Digital Xtreme Arcade Bar Top has been designed to accommodate the home player who enjoys playing all the games from yester year and also serious gamer who play the fast action fighting games.The game is fitted with SAMWA joysticks and low action button which are the the highest quality joystick and buttons on the market and the only joystick and buttons used by professional gamers. Our system also allows for new game updates in the future and includes 1 year warranty.

The foot print of the cabinet has been design so you it can be installed on a bar in a Man Cave or on a table in areas where space is limited and you can not fit a full size upright.


  • Monitor:  22 Inch HDMI LED IPS Monitor  (178° View)
  • Light Box: LED
  • Players: 2
  • Joy Sticks: Samwa 8 Way/4 Way Samwa
  • Buttons: Samwa
  • Games: 815 (Click Below to View)
  • Dimensions: H71 x W62 x D54 cm

Our machines are built with quality material and are shipped within 24 Hrs of you placing your order and payment being received, unless you request some custom features. A shipping time will then be advised at the time of order.

To view game list:

Cost: $1060.00: