NSM Icon Lite Digital Jukebox

NSM Icon Lite Jukebox
NSM Icon Lite Jukebox
The latest addition to the Icon range of jukeboxes, the ground-breaking Lite is elegantly styled in a black metallic casing with the pleasing aesthetics which we have come to expect from the NSM Music design team. Icon Lite is similar to the new car trade: an attractive product at an enticing base price and extras or bolt ons, such as more tracks, video, karaoke, bingo, or infra-red volume control.The new NSM Class D PSU/Amp combination unit has been made especially for the Icon Lite. The amplifier and power supply have now been amalgamated, contained within one box. This makes installation and replacement quick and easy.

Amplifier Specifications
RMS Power Ouyput
• At 8 Ohms 2 Channels x 220 watts = 440 watts rms
• At 4 Ohms 4 Channels x 300 watts = 600 watts rms
Peak Power Output
• At 8 Ohms: 2 Channels x 1750 watts = 3500 Watts Per Amplifier
• At 4 Ohms: 2 Channels x 220 watts = 4800 watts per amplifier

Hard Drive – 500GB Can store up to 30,000 tracks.
Onboard Advertising – Standard on this model.
You Tube – Standard on this model.
Remote Access – Standard on all models
Touch & Slide – Standard on this model.
Dimensions:805 H x 500 W x 200 D mm
Weight: 36 Kg
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