NSM Apollo Digital Jukebox

NSM Apollo Jukebox
NSM Apollo Jukebox Digital
At the pinnacle of technological initiatives NSM have once again pushed the frontier of digital music systems with NSM ICON APOLLO. This New premium jukebox is set to be the flagship of the fleet, boasting some phenomenal specifications and once againraising the bar within the Industry Icon Apollo is powered by the brand new ICON 2 IPAC. The display display is divided into 3 core sections, User Interface, Data Belt and Music Video Sections.The Data Belt displays live information from RSS feeds, allowing such information as live weather, news and sports results to be fed directly onto the screen. For the first time all music videos have the space to play on screen.

Amplifier Specifications
RMS Power Ouyput
• At 8 Ohms 2 Channels x 220 watts = 440 watts rms
• At 4 Ohms 4 Channels x 300 watts = 600 watts rms
Peak Power Output
• At 8 Ohms: 2 Channels x 1750 watts = 3500 Watts Per Amplifier
• At 4 Ohms: 2 Channels x 220 watts = 4800 watts per amplifier

Hard Drive – 500GB Can store up to 30,000 tracks.
News/Data Belt – Yes Standard on this Model
Onboard Advertising – Yes stardard on this model.
You Tube – Yes stardard on this model.
Remote Access – Standard on all models
Dimensions:1020 H x 660 W x 200 D mm
Weight: 73 Kg
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